We develop, every day

We develop for all resolution

We develop best apps for your mobile device

We develop your multimedia projects

We develop your home automation projects

We are constantly evolving

We love opensource and integration

but, what we do?

Our team develops web solutions, cloud and mobile since its birth.

We are born with the web and for the web, to give body to the ability of expression inherent in new technologies and with them we decided to do business with our customers.

Our app or thousands of code's lines that we have stored on our servers are made for development of new realities and distributed services, but also for apps development for children and people with learning difficulties.

We use Arduino ®, Beagleboard ® and Raspberry Pi ® to develop our automation projects to improve everyday life.

For online store we chose Shopify ®

method or practice?

  • We define your business route and your goals achievement
  • We set with you the function points for the realization of your project
  • We create a prototype of your product for evaluation
  • We create your software, your iPhone App or your media with modern technology
  • We take care of the millestones evolution of our product through time


A team of digital professionals who thinks digital. Working with them without patterns it was a pleasure for us and for the customer who has tasted the results

Marco Ferri / Consorzio Creativi

Growlab is a young and dynamic company that investigates cutting edge solutions

Ministero Affari Esteri

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Since 1996, our services improve the work of public bodies, companies and people

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  • Raspberry Pi