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People & Ideas

Let your ideas with you and give shape to a possible strategy to work for the establishment of a new business.


We structure financial plan and a business plan molded on your needs and the business points that make up your work.

Founds search

We carry out a task of scouting for finding the funds necessary for the realization of your business in the location of your choice.


We follow during the start of your company and until full receipt of the funds required, also planning new projects.

Community funds, these strangers

We check your requirements for accessing funds

We create your financial and business plans

We collect your ideas and business point to create a project

We take care of the presentation of the documentation in the relevant fora

We study all integration routes for your business

We follow you throughout financial process and for your future projects

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Since 1996, our services improve the work of public bodies, companies and people

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