Develop for humans


Growth is the future

Our main objective is the growth of the individual and what surrounds it.

Growlab was founded in 2010 by the union of professionals working in the areas of the application development, the crowdfounding and education of pre-school age people.

While we deal with the study of learning processes supported by modern instruments, on the other hand we see people and companies in their process of star-up or development.


We have no boundaries

Our structure operates around the world.
We can count on the referees throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.
Italy is our home, but our business has no boundaries.


What we believe

  • grow is the basis of survival
  • to build our future, we must start from the bottom
  • change is good
  • learn is important
  • boundaries exist only on maps

Meet our team

Gioacchino Poletto

founder, COO & management consultant

Stefania Marrese

founder, CEO & children angel

Alfred Rieger

germany & austria area

Angela Peshcherova

russia & ukraine area

Federico Marcone

management consultant

Paolo Amarisse

financial director

Romina Rushit

albania area

Stuart Franzoni



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Since 1996, our services improve the work of public bodies, companies and people

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